How to grow hair in a week

Today I’m going to tell you about how you can get long, thick, healthy, and beautiful hair. Many of us have a dream of keeping long hair but hair is not growing well and also hair is getting damaged , do you know the reason why ? The reason is you are not treating your hair properly and your hair is getting damaged day by day. While you go on trip or anywhere outside on the road the pollution of the vehicles and dust got extracted in your head and hair and you are not washing the dirty hair with shampoo ? This can be the biggest reason of your hair fall.

While coming from outside wash your hair properly from shampoo regularly and use put oil in your hair because oil helps your hair to grow and it makes your hair strong.

Today I’m going to tell you how you can treat your hair and how you can grow your hair properly. Just follow the treatment very carefully and you will see the result in one week.



  • Take one Egg – Egg is rich in protein , fatty acids , Vitamin A D and E. It promotes hair growth, thickness. Treats dry/flaky scalp. Tames frizzy hair.
  • Take 2 tbs of Olive oil – It promotes hair growth , strengths hair follicles , moisturizes hair.

After that mix both Egg and Olive oil together in a bowl.


Take a mixture in your hand and apply it in the hair and massage it well upto 5-10 minutes and after applying leave it for 30 minutes with a plastic bag over head. After you feel like you have rinsed off the oils and ingredients enough, continue with you daily bathing routine of shampoo and conditioner.


You can use this treatment up to 2-3 times in a week per month if you want to grow more than .5 inches. And do not use treatment overnight only you have to apply it till 30 minutes.

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