How to lose your weight while sleeping

How you can lose your weight while sleeping? We all are agreed that exercising regular is the best way to lose your weight but , are you exercising daily? The answer is No. But if I ask are you sleeping daily? and then your answer will be Yes. So what could be the better way to lose weight than to do so while we sleep?

The very first thing you have to do is boost your metabolism. Scientific studies shows that , cold water forces your body to burn calories in large number since it has to heat up to get that water in your belly warmer. And same concept acts while you’re bathing. This all the tips will help you to burn your calories while sleeping but you have to sleep only 8 hours and get up in the morning earlier.


  1. Boost your metabolism. Good metabolism helps your body to digest the food fastly.
  2. Take warm water. Warm water in the morning is the best way to lose your weight.
  3. Get yourself that morning pick me up. Get up earlier in the morning and walk outside in the fresh air.
  4. Change the oil, not the recipe. The food you are taking daily which contains lots of oil which is making fat in your body. So don’t change the recipe just put less oil in it.
  5. Hit the gym. Go gym and do some exercises from which you body will become flexible and you will lose weight.

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