Why is the Mediterranean diet good for your heart?

When it comes to healthy eating we learn many things from the world. Research shows that the people who will eat the traditional Mediterranean diet will enjoy the healthy benefits, including lower rates of heart disease , type two diabetes and stroke.

If you are thinking that Mediterranean diet means pizzas and burgers you are wrong. Then what’s in the Mediterranean diet? The actual diet vary across the region but the core elements are : Plenty of fruits and vegetables , fish , Wholegrain cereal , Beans and Pulses , Unsalted nuts and seeds , Small amount of meat , Olive oil , fresh herbs , Onions and garlic. Some people think wine is a part of eating but it’s optional. If you drink alcohol than it’s important to keep in mind to drink not more than 14 units per week.

Mediterranean diet is not all about food and drink other traditional Mediterranean lifestyle is also needed to be a part of effect , such as eating slowly and with others, leaving the most relaxed way of your life, and doing regular physical activities like gym and exercises.

Researchers found that Mediterranean community who lived this way have a low risk of heart and circulatory disease.


The healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet are not connected to a single food or drink. Instead, they are a result of eating the diet as a whole. The Mediterranean diet is rich in unsaturated fats. Olive oil is the best example but unsaturated fats are also found in nuts and oily fish. If you switch for a diet which is higher in saturated fat to unsaturated fats like this can help lower your cholesterol level over time, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Research shows that eating too much salt cause high blood pressure, so cutting down the help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. A diet is rich in fiber and associated with lower level of heart disease.

The soluble fiber found in pulses, fruits and vegetables can help you easily to lower your cholesterol levels.

Research shows that following Mediterranean diet can also help you to maintain a healthy weight.

How to gain weight in one week

How to gain weight ? How gain weight for men and women ? How to gain weight in 1 week ?

These are the questions in your mind? If yes , than this article is for you.

The most important factor for the weight is nutrition. Nutrition is basically the best way to gain weight. No matter how you exercise and how you gym , until you eat a high calories foods, you will not gain weight.

So, in this article I’m going to share with you , meal by meal full day diet plan to gain weight faster.


Breakfast is the most important meal of tha day. In the morning when you take breakfast that time is most important time for the nutrition , and I will suggest you to take breakfast heavy and balanced because our goal is to gain weight so your body will need high calories and carbohydrates.


  • Eat customized oats and take 2 boild eggs. And if you are vegetarian instead of egg take Whey protein.
  • If you like Parathas then eat parathas with egg bhurji.
  • Take 1 glass milk and 2 boild eggs


It’s very easy to maintain calories eating every 3-4 hours.


  • Take one fruit and some peanuts and eat it.
  • Eat banana peanut butter bread.
  • Make banana shake and drink it.
  • Boild chana is the best to eat.


Keep you lunch which is hight in protein and carbohydrates.


  • Take 3-4 roti along with green vegetables which is rich in protein like rajma etc.
  • Eat fried rice along with vegetables and add curd to get more protein
  • Eat chicken which is high in protein and carbohydrates.

Just follow the rules above and you will see the results in just 1 week and you will gain your weight very fastly.

How to increase height in 2 days.

You may have different reasons for dreaming of becoming taller. To feel more comfortable with your taller friends , here’s a some useful exercise which can make you taller in just 1 week but you will see the result in just 2 days.

Everyone knows that height depends on many factors – hormones , environment , your nutrition and genes. But if you always believe that you can increase your height you’re great , because it’s hard but not impossible to change your height even after 25.

When your body muscles get stretched it receives more blood because it circulates better in the stretched limbs and also oxygen moves better in the body because of natural stretch.


Cobra pose has several additional benefits , such as decreasing the siftness of lower back , increasing flexibility , strengthening your shoulders and arms. A longer neck you can get as a result of neck stretch which will give you additional height. When your heels are raised , the largest blood vessels are filled with blood due to muscle contraction and when the heels are dropped back down the blood turns around and immediately starts moving towards your heart which reduces the strain on it. At the same time blood gets spreaded to all the muscles which allows them to stretch much better.

Immunity boosting drink

Immune system protects us from bacteria and from many disease. It is a complex network of various cells , organs and protein of the body which act as an coordinate manner. You are meeting types of peoples a day and you don’t know if they are caught by any disease or flu. Have you ever wondered how some people get sick very often , it’s only because of weak immune system and if you have a strong immune system no disease can even touch you. The immune system is the first line of defense of our body.

Today, I will tell you about the drink which will boost your immune system in just 1 week and you don’t have to worry about meeting people. And the drink is home made and there is no side effect of the drink so you can take it.


  • 1 glass water
  • 1 tbs Ajwain
  • 1 tbs Cloves (Laung)
  • ½ tbs Black Pepper (Kali mirch)
  • 1 tbs Custody (Haldi)
  • 4 to 5 Tulsi leafs
  • 1 Ginger (Adrak)

Take a one beaker and add all the ingredients in it and boil 5-10 minutes.

When and how to drink?

You can drink this drink only before going to sleep. After boiling keep the drink to get warmed and when it gets warmed you can drink thrice a week.


After drinking this drink 2 weeks you can see the results in your body. You will feel very healthy, and the protective shield will cover your body and you will feel safe from many types of disease. And as the world is feared about Corona virus but you don’t worry about that because when your immune system will get boosted then you don’t have to worry about that, but you have to stay home to protect yourself and be safe.